Research projects – projets de recherches en cours

I am currently working on three main research projects at the intersections of political philosophy, business ethics and public policy:

  1. A relational conception of equality:  In this project, I develop a relational conception of equality. While most conceptions of relational equality seem to deal with issues of diversity and recognition, I attempt to show that relational egalitarianism is also well-equipped to help us to thinking about economic issues.
  2. A political philosophy of the firm:  I develop a « political theory/philosophy » of the business firm.  In this project, I am also dealing with recent developments in the egalitarian thought by attempting to develop a specific understanding of it, associated with the broad “economic democracy” tradition.
  3. Corruption and/of/or democracy: This project aims to investigate the meaning of an « institutional » understanding of corruption, its links to democracy. I edited a special issue of  The Ethics forum/Les Ateliers de l’éthique on « Corruption and democracy ».

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